Translational Research Projects


The goal of Lungscope is to explore the prevalence, biological significance and heterogeneity of biomarkers in primary NSCLC and matched metastases. For that clinically well-annotated primary resected non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and matched loco-regional and distant metastases are analyzed. ETOP Lungscope and the specific sub-projects are based on health-related data and biological samples from patients, which have already been collected within hospital routine. Lungscope will initially include around 300 cases with NSCLC tumours samples of primary tumours and matched metastases. The sample size will be expanded by an additional 300 to a total of around 600 cases with NSCLC tumours samples of primary tumours and matched metastases.


Specific sub-projects conducted within the Lungscope research infrastructure will be prioritized according to scientific developments and financial resources. Potential first sub-projects are envisioned:

  • Concordance of ICI-biomarkers (e.g., PD-L1, MTAP and CD8) between primary NSCLC and matched metastases and dependence on intervening systemic treatment.
  • Comprehensive NGS testing of primary NSCLC and matched metastases using appropriate commercial NGS panels.



Protocol Release Date: 22. März 2022
Chair: Lukas Bubendorf
Co-chair Clinical Data and Medical Review: Jarushka Naidoo
Co-chair Pathology: Albrecht Stenzinger



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