Translational Research Projects


Mesoscape is a project to study the molecular epidemiology of malignant mesothelioma in Europe and has a similar set-up as Lungscape, but with a more centralised approach to process the samples. A number of major cancer centres have contributed 499 cases so far.

Sample size: 499, with possibility to increase to 1100 cases

Overall Chairs
: Isabelle Opitz, Paul Baas
Pathology Co-chair: Jan Rüschoff




ETOP IBCSG Partners Foundation
Rosita Kammler (Head Translational Research Coordination)
Tel: +41 31 511 94 28
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MPM Real-time Data - Joint Analysis from ETOP Mesoscape and the ESTS database

Mesoscape and the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons’ (ESTS) database were jointly analyzed for characteristics and epidemiology of plural mesothelioma, including pathological and treatment information and their impact on prognosis.

Chairs on behalf of ETOP: Isabelle Opitz, Paul Baas


Mesoscape 001 pS6

The first module of the Mesoscape project describes the prevalence of phosphorylated ribosomal protein S6 in patients with mesothelioma and the clinical outcomes according to pS6. pS6 is a marker of the PI3K pathway and its description within this module may guide the development and testing of targeted therapies. This module was activated along with the master Mesoscape protocol.

Chairs: Isabelle Opitz, Paul Baas
Pathology Co-chair: Jan Rüschoff


Mesoscape 002 B7-H3

A Retrospective Cohort Study of B7-H3 (CD276): prevalence and clinical outcomes in patients with mesothelioma in Europe and beyond.


  • Evaluation of the expression and clinical impact of B7-H3 in a cohort of malignant pleural mesothelioma patients
  • Correlation of the presence of B7-H3 with clinical parameters and other biomarkers that are investigated within MESOSCAPE
  • Cross-validation analysis between tumour microarrays (TMAs) and whole section in 10% of the cases

Analysis cohort: 353 patients

Study Chair and TR Co-chair: Alessandra Curioni Fontecedro
Pathology Chair: Jan-Hendrik Rüschoff
Translational Co-chair: Steven Gray