Translational Research Projects

Following the successful translational research projects Lungscape and Mesoscape, Smallscope is a translational research project focusing on Small cell lung carcinoma (SCLC). Smallscope is currently being set up by ETOP IBCSG Partners Foundation, in collaboration with Teodora Radonic from the Amsterdam UMC and pathologists from other leading hospitals in Europe. The aim of Smallscope is to establish a SCLC tumour tissue biobank with annotated clinical and demographic data as a resource for translational research projects. With at least 500 cases included, Smallscope poses a great opportunity for Biomarker discovery or validation, or comparative analyses for a large number of SCLC samples.

Once Smallscope is set up, the first sub-project is the IHC testing for novel subtype markers (ASCL1, NEUROD1, POU2F3, CD8 and PLCG2).

Design: The Smallscope project is designed as a multi-centre, retrospective, translational research infrastructure with clinical data collection and banking of SCLC tumour tissue. This infrastructure provides the framework for conducting subsequent Smallscope sub-projects, investigating cancer biology in a well annotated SCLC cohort. ETOP Smallscope and the specific translational sub-projects are based on health-related data and biological samples from patients, which have already been collected within hospital routine.

Target Sample Size: 500

Study Chair: Teodora Radonic
Pathology Co-chairs: Wojtek Biernat, Erik Thunnissen
Medical Reviewer and Clinical Co-chair: Idris Bahce
Clinical Co-chairs: Alessandra Curioni Fontecedro, Rafal Dziadziuszko



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